Water Storage Tanks

Water Storage

Water storage tanks are widely used in agricultural, commercial and domestic sectors. These tanks serve as reservoirs for storing water, rain water harvesting systems and for irrigation, ensuring a steady and consistent supply of water during dry spells, emergencies, or for periods where water is in high demand.  

Our range of water tanks are ideal for use for many applications and can be easily integrated to any rain water harvesting system. 

Heavy Duty & Highly Resistant

Our tank range are moulded in one piece from medium density polyethylene, so it’s impact resistant and corrosion resistant. This means it will withstand the rigours of regular use. It’s also manufactured from UV stabilised polymer, which ensures the tank is protected against the damage sunlight can cause. 

Water Tank Sizes

We have a wide range of non potable water tank sizes available up to 9,250 litres.

Agricultural Sprayers and Irrigation

Water tanks are ideal for use with irrigation systems, serving as reservoirs for storing large volumes of water which can then be used during dry weather spells for irrigation.

Each water tank has a bottom outlet, which allows them to be used to re-fill mounted or self propelled sprayers on demand.

Rain Water Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is a sustainable practice that involves collecting and storing rainwater for various uses. It’s an eco-friendly solution. Rainwater is typically collected from rooftops or other surfaces and directed into storage tanks or reservoirs. Rainwater harvesting reduces reliance on traditional water sources, conserves groundwater reserves, and mitigates storm water runoff.

Easy Access & 

Our range of water tank come with a bottom outlet port – It can be left with the blank in place or fitted with a valve or other cam lock fitting upon request, depending on application. Most water tanks come with a top access opening with manhole lid at the top of the tank for gaining access into the tank.

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9,250 Litre Water Tank
9250 litre water tank for storage
3,800 Litre Water Tank
3800 litre water tank
potable water tank
9,000 Litre Potable Water Tank

Potable Water Tanks

We also supply a wide range of potable water tanks up to 9,000 Litres. Potable water is water that will be consumed by humans and differs from the standard range of water tanks.

What is potable water?

Potable water refers to water that is safe for human consumption. Potable water typically undergoes treatment processes, including filtration, disinfection, and sometimes additional purification methods, to ensure it meets quality standards. 

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