Mobile Diesel Site Tanks

What is a a Site Tank?

Mobile site tanks are a portable, robust and convenient fuel storage solution that can be used on sites. Our range of site tanks are fully bunded and UN certified to comply with all safety and fuel storage regulations. These tanks can be used for the safe storage of diesel or HVO. Tanks can be fitted out with a range of pumps in various voltage options and can be fitted out to suit your requirements for hoses, nozzles, filters & meters.

900 Litre Cube Tank

The 900-litre fuel cubes have full UN approval and are a fully bunded design. These robust containers are engineered to meet the stringent requirements of international safety and environmental standards, ensuring the safe handling of diesel and HVO. Their 110% bunded construction offers an additional layer of protection, thereby mitigating environmental risks. Ideal for use in various industries, including construction, agriculture, and remote site operations. 

Bunded Steel Construction

The 900 Litre site tank is designed to be a heavy duty tank capable of withstanding the demands of a modern site. Manufactured from 3 – 4 mm steel for unrivalled durability & security. Each tank comes with a fully reinforced under carriage for 4 way fork access along with 4 galvanised lifting points mounted on top of the tank. The tank has a bunded capacity of 110% ensuring it is up to all required safety specification. These tanks can also be stacked for ease of storage & transport.

Site Tank for Diesel. Generator supply tank

Pumping Equipment

We provide a range of bespoke pump fit outs to suit your requirements. With a full range of pump voltage options as well as various other options in terms of flow meters, filters, hoses & nozzles. The tank also comes with a built in float gauge for monitoring the contents level of the tank. 

Generator Supply Tanks

Each tank can be fitted with a dispensing pump but they also feature built in 1/2″ feed and return fittings for connecting to a generator. This provides great versatility when it comes to use on sites providing fuel to generators while also having the ability to pump out into machines. A generator diesel tank provides additional running capacity to generators, allowing them to operate for longer periods.

These tanks are ideal for use with hire equipment on site. They provide a safe storage solution while also being extremely portable enabling them to be moved with ease. The heavy duty door is gas strut assisted and features internal hinges making it anti-vandal proof.

Generator fuel tank for diesel on sites
  • Internal hinges 
  • Lockable cabinet 
  • 1/2″ Generator feed & return connections
  • 2″ and 3″ filling points
  • 4 galvanised lifting points 
  • 4 way for access
  • gas strut assisted cabinet 
  • Internal hinges & lockable
  • 110% Outer Bund
  • Suitable for road transport
  • UN Approved 

2000 - 2500 Litre Site Tanks

Bunded Steel with galvanised Body

The 2000 and 2500 Litre site tanks are designed for storing large volumes of fuel on site. These tanks come with a fully enclosed cabinet which provides protection to the pumping equipment.

The fully galvanized under carriage provides two way fork access and also raises the tank off the ground to reduce the impact on the ground in the immediate area. 

 Manufactured from 3 – 4 mm steel for unrivalled durability & security. The tank has a bunded capacity of 110% ensuring it is up to all required safety specification.

site tank for diesel and generators
generator site tank for diesel

Pumping Equipment

These tanks also come fitted with 1/2″ feed and return connections for use with generators and have a unique front access port for hoses to run through without the need to open the lockable cabinet door providing additional security. These tanks can be fitted with a range of pumps to suit your requirements.

  • 2,000 or 2,500 litre options
  • Lockable cabinet 
  • Galvanised undercarraige 
  • 4 top lifting points
  • 2″ or 3″ filling ports 
  • Fully bunded 110%
  • UN approved
  • Suitable for road transport
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