PIUSI Launch NEW B.Smart Add On

Geolocalised refuelling

Maply is the ideal B.Smart add-on for managing mobile refuelling operations. Specifically designed for tracking and managing dispenses and fully compatible with B.smart mobile units such as the 12v B.Smart box or the new Supreme pump. Allowing you to control and monitor fuel usage from tanks & on site mobile fuel bowsers.


Equipped with GPS integration, the MAPLY add-on enables precise tracking of fuel usage within specific work zones. Users can designate operational boundaries for each dispenser, effectively limiting fuel dispensation to designated work areas.

The MAPLY add-on offers the functionality to categorize fuel supplies based on “areas of operation” such as cities or provinces. This, coupled with detailed information on individual refueling transactions displayed on the map, enhances the overall efficacy and comprehensiveness of fueling control measures.

geo fence Maply

Location-based refueling Maply stands out as the perfect enhancement for overseeing on-the-go refueling activities, tailor-made for enterprises operating in construction, mining, or agriculture sectors, seeking comprehensive access to vital data, including the GPS coordinates of refueling actions.

This add-on empowers the monitoring and regulation of fuel transactions through an interactive map interface, facilitating streamlined management of mobile refueling endeavors, even when such activities occur far from the company’s central hub.


  • Geo-localise fuel transactions and display them on an interactive map.
  • Manage fuel transactions from stationary & mobile tanks connected to the cloud.
  • Define specific areas of operation with geo-fencing limitations.
  • limit or disable dispensing outside a specific radius.
Maply Addone B.Smart

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