Piusi Cube B.Smart


With CUBE B.SMART you have a hardware system with integrated software, fully managed in the Cloud. No complex PC installation is required: B.SMART works in the cloud to allow you to manage your fleet from anywhere and monitor all fuel transactions in real time.

Communication between CUBE B.SMART, Phone App and Cloud Software is very simple.

  • Once you open the B.SMART App, the Android or iOS mobile device automatically connects to the pump to allow the driver to refuel.
  • During the delivery, the driver can monitor the quantity dispensed directly on the mobile device and once completed, he can view the virtual receipt, which will be sent in real time to the web app.
  • The fleet manager will be able to monitor in real time all the deliveries made, through the simple and immediate graphic interface of the Cloud Software.



The CUBE B.SMART fuel dispenser, available in the 70 litre/min versions with both AC and DC supply, is equipped with a self-priming vane pump, equipped with a bypass that ensures high performance. The anti-vibration support of the diesel column guarantees silent operation and practicality, while the mechanical seal and the thermal protection of the induction motor against overheating make the product reliable and safe.

CUBE B.SMART is equipped with an automatic nozzle with swivel connection. The installation of the mesh filter on the suction side ensures the pump longevity, as it prevents foreign bodies from ending up in the rotor and causing a blockage and consequent damage.

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