B.Smart Upgrade Units

B.Smart MC cube Upgrade Units

The B.Smart system is easily retro fitted to existing Cube MC self service management systems by replacing just the control head. This allows users to upgrade from the fob based system to the newer cloud based B.smart system, without the need for replacing the pump and other hardware components, making it a cost effective solution for future proofing the fuel management system on site.

Cube MC, MC Lite & MC Box Upgrade 

The existing control panel with the keypad on both the MC and MC Lite is removed and replaced with the new B.Smart control head. The new head fits into the existing pump housing and all existing components are compatible with the new B.Smart head. These components include the pump, pulse meter, filters etc. making the change over to the newer cloud based system very simple. 

Standard Pump Upgrade

The B.Smart system is also available in a single or dual pump controller. This controller, when combined with a pulse meter, can be fitted to any existing PIUSI Panther pump or any standard Cube pump. These controllers are the ideal solution for upgrading an existing pumping system to a fuel management system, without the need for purchasing new pumping equipment. 

F22922000 B.Smart upgrade head


Self Service MC Upgrade

The B.Smart upgrade head is also suitable to be retro fitted to Self Service MC units. For users with multiple pumps, it is the most cost effective way of upgrading your fuel management system, for greater control and monitoring capabilities. 

Cost Analysis 

The upgrade units are the ideal solution for those looking to move to the cloud based system from either standard pumps or the MC fob system. The upgrade head is compatible with any cube MC, self service MC or MC box and is the most cost effective method of upgrading the system – as there is no requirement to replace or change any other hardware or components.

Main Features of the B.Smart System

Comparing the two systems together, the new B.Smart cloud based system is the choice for those looking to expand their fleet beyond the limitations of the MC self service management system. The B.smart is expandable with your driver and fleet size and also does away with the need for user fobs and also removed the need for manually downloading information. The Cloud based system is APP operated by smart phone and sends the information direct to the cloud allowing remote monitoring from any device, anywhere and any time. As well as this, the cloud system offers the capability to add multiple pumps from multiple sites to the one cloud, which reduces the work involved in obtain information from multiple sites.

Smartphone APP operated : each driver will have the APP installed on their smartphone, connecting to the pump is done through the APP via Bluetooth. The system comes with an unlimited vehicle license, which any driver can access allowing them to select the correct reg or fleet number from the drop down menu or by searching the reg. or fleet number of the vehicle. Upon doing so, they can enter the mileage or hour reading on the machine and can then choose to fill or set pre-determined refuelling amount. Once dispensing is completed, the APP sends the information including the time, date, driver, reg number, mileage & litres directly to the cloud.

Cloud Portal : Anyone with manager access can log in to the online portal remotely, which can be done anytime, anywhere and from any device such as PC, tablet, phone etc. From the manager portal you can add / remove drivers & vehicles view the transactions as they happen and have access to in depth reporting facilities.

Reporting : Managers can create usage reports based on specific date ranges, specific vehicles, pumps, drivers etc. and can view and monitor average fuel usage. 

Future Proof : There is no hosting charges or annual charges for the cloud system, It is also entirely expandable to any fleet size and amount of drivers as required. The system can accommodate multiple pumps on different sites ensuring that as your business grows, that the system can be adapted to expand to suit your requirements 

Summary : The upgrade B.Smart head can greatly improve the reporting and monitoring capabilities compared to the MC self Service Management system. It also cuts down on the work load involved in obtaining the information and also is the most cost effective method to upgrade without the necessity 

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