B.Smart Fuel Economy

PIUSI B.Smart fuel management system add on

B.Smart Fuel Economy addon 

Piusi are leading innovators in fuel management systems and have developed the B.Smart Fuel Economy add on module to their B.Smart cloud based fuel management system. This will allow existing and new users to monitor their fuel consumption and manage both driver and vehicle activity in greater detail.

The B.Smart system already has the capability to generate various fuel usage reports, which many existing users will already be aware of. This Addon allows for greater in depth reporting capabilities and provides a much more detailed insight into both fuel usage and consumption.

Main Features of the Fuel Economy Addon

Detailed fuel consumption reports : Enables in depth and accurate fuel consumption reports which can be generated by individual vehicles or in a specific vehicle groups, allowing you to see the true cost of fuel per km or hour usage on the vehicles. The cost per litre is input into the system and combined with the mileage or hour reading input by drivers upon refuelling the system calculates the cost.

Identify usage discrepancies : High consumption rates can be easily identified allowing managers to locate drivers who are operating vehicles at a higher fuel consumption rate than others, which can lead to a reduction in fuel burning costs.

Add on road transactions : If a driver requires fuel outside of the site where diesel is purchased  in bulk and stored on site, manual transactions can be entered into the system if fuel is purchased off site at a different price to ensure that the reports are accurate.

QR Code vehicle tags : The system generates unique QR scanning codes assigned to each vehicle, these can be placed on vehicles to both save the time taken to locate the correct vehicle for refuelling on the APP and also ensures that the correct vehicle is always selected when refuelling to eliminate human error.

Fuel & Vehicle Limits : The Add on enables managers to limit fuel usage of drivers and set the total amount they can access as well as limiting vehicles to the use of specific pumps. The advantage of this is on sites where there are multiple pumps present on different fuel types, by  enabling the vehicle on only one pump it will prevent a driver mistakenly using the incorrect pump to refuel. It also enables vehicles and drivers to be temporarily locked out from selected or all pumps, ensuring total control.

Available time periods : The pumps operation can set to specific working times for drivers, ensuring drivers cant access fuel outside of a specific working time period which provides added security and peace of mind.

Summary : the add on provides a much more in-depth form of reporting for those seeking to further enhance their fuel management reporting capabilities and provides an accurate method of tracking fuel consumption and cost per km or hour.

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