Trinity Motors – Garage Installation

    Rotech were recently tasked with providing a comprehensive garage fit out for Trinty Motor’s new workshop, which included the installation of two oil reel banks for multiple oil types, air reels, air points, water reels, gun barrel pipework, pneumatic-operated oil pumps, drip trays, anti-drip digital dispensing nozzles, waste oil drainers and waste oil suction points.

    The garage in question was a newly developed premises, which required a reliable and efficient oil dispensing system designed to meet the high demands and frequent use by multiple technicians. The main objective in this project was to optimize oil and fluid management and meet the requirements of Trinty Motors. They opted to install a full PIUSI system which incorporated

    Oil Reel Banks: installation of two oil reel banks, strategically located within the garage, to provide easy access to different types of oils. Each reel bank was equipped with multiple reels, enabling technicians to retrieve the required oil quickly and efficiently. Each Reel is fitted with drip trays to capture any potential spills or drips. Additionally, anti-drip digital dispensing nozzles were attached to the oil reels, ensuring precise and controlled dispensing while preventing leaks and wastage.

    Pneumatic-Operated Oil Pumps: Each oil reel is supplied with oil by pneumatic-operated oil pumps from individual oil tanks into the system. The oil is pumped from the tank throughout the garage to the oil reels through gun barrel pipework.

    Air Reels and Air Points: To facilitate the use of air tools and equipment, air reels and strategically positioned air points were installed throughout the garage. This allows technicians to access air conveniently, eliminating the need for lengthy hose connections.

    Water Reels: Water reels were installed to provide easy access to water. These reels were strategically placed to ensure optimal coverage of the garage area and are fitted with a dispensing nozzle to control the flow of water

    Gun Barrel Pipework: Gun barrel pipework was fitted throughout the facility, ensuring a reliable and efficient distribution system for oil, air and other fluids. This design minimized pressure drops and optimized flow rates.

    Waste Oil Suction : For efficient waste oil management, Flexbimec waste oil drainers were suppled as well as a waste oil suction point. This feature allowed technicians to safely remove and store waste oil, preventing contamination and facilitating proper disposal. The waste oil is pumped to a dedicated waste oil tank through its own gun barrel line.

    We would like to wish Trinity Motors all the best for the future with their new workshop

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