Kavanagh Crane Hire

    Kavanagh crane hire are one of Irelands largest crane hire companies offering lifting solutions from its four depots and now increased to five from its latest acquisition of Wm. O’Brien crane hire in Cork. Kavanagh’s run a large fleet of heavy lifting cranes and support vehicles working from its five depots, with that comes great cost of running and maintaining the fleet, the team at Kavanagh’s needed a solution to monitor its fuel costs in an accurate and efficient manner and that’s when they contacted us here at Rotech.

    Initially we met with all the stakeholders to understand their requirements and hurdles we needed to overcome, from the outset it was clear there was going to be one solution that would fit the criteria and that was Piusi’s B.Smart management system. With the customer having so many remote sites it was the most attractive proposal as the use of a smart phone app as apposed to a traditional key fob or pin code made it easy for the staff administering the system to make changes in real time such as; adding a driver, removing a driver etc. Also the use of the smart phone app allowed for real time transactions to be uploaded to the cloud immediately after the transaction took place. The team at Kavanaghs were already familiar with smart technology as they had already implemented smart tech for safety documents that can be scanned on each crane, this made the implementation of QR codes on each vehicle easy, the QR code would be scanned by the driver to identify the vehicle they are filling, this insures the data is accurately recorded to the correct vehicle. Lasty the customer required a solution to monitor fuel levels on the tanks at each site, this was easily achieved through our OCIO tank gauge hardware combined with Tank Watchdog for the cloud portal, these two products combined allow for the remote monitoring of the tanks and send notifications by email when the fuel dropped below a pre-set threshold. With all the elements achievable through Piusi’s B.smart system, the team at Kavanaghs were happy to award us the project and we completed the installation in late 2021


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