30 Micron & Water CFD 150-30

Part number: 011699.

Piusi Water Absorbant Filter CFD 150-30

The PIUSI water absorbant filter has a steel bowl and removable cartridge. This filter will also filter 30 micron dirt. Ideally this filter is fitted on the delivery side of the pump.

  •  Max flow rate of 150 l/min
  •  30 micron particle filter
  •  1″ F BSP  inlet and outlet
  • Max pressure 3.5 bar
  •  Suitable for use with diesel
  •  Ideal filter for Bi Pump & E120
  • Repalcement filter R1541600 CFD 150-30
Max Flow Rate: 150 l/min

Technical Information

https://rotech.ie/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/PIUSI-FILTERS-WATER-CLEAR-esp.pdf Product Details