MCO 2.0

Part number: MCO 2.0.

MCO 2.0

Over the years we’ve change the way we make phone calls, read the news or watch TV. Today, all you need is a smartphone to take photographs and check your bank balance in real time. Everywhere it has changed the way people communicate,manage and organize information.
And in your workshop?
Are you ready to evolve?


PIUSI MCO 2.0 arises from the need to organise your work within your workshop. Starting from your desk.
From your office work station MCO2.0 software allows you to enter, display and manage work orders for the entire garage, checking states of completion and deadlines. Thanks to the weekly agenda function, all it takes is a glance.


Thanks to static and mobile 2.0 Control Units, you’ll have the updated list of pending tasks and their state of completion readily to hand at any time.
You can choose which Work Order to start, which one process, to perform and which jobs are to be finished. Thanks to the new GPV 2.0 and the new EasyView nozzle you can check the quantity of fluid you’re dispensing in real time. The system automatically records all completed operations.
Each work process can be linked to photos and notes to ensure no details are left out. Control Unit 2.0 is available in a wall-mounting version or in the Mobile Control Unit 2.0 version.
The touchscreen device allows the operator to scroll through the tasks list, which is constantly updated in real time. Particularly urgent work orders can be highlighted.
GPV 2.0


GPV 2.0 can be fully controlled remotly. Available in LAN version.
Designed and built to operate constantly, with no surprises.
The use of Wi-Fi technology makes the system far easier to install and expand, with minimal disruption of your garage activities.
The MCO 2.0 revolution has also changed our dispensing units. From the range of air-operated pumps to the GPV 2.0 solenoid valves or the new Easyview nozzle


High strength and performance are the core properties of the Easyview nozzle.
The nozzle design has been further improved.
Easyview nozzles: more practical… more intelligent.
The large size display shows the dispensing data transmitted on a wireless connection (zigbee) from the associated GPV 2.0.
This means the nozzle no longer needs an internal flow meter, resulting in a significant weight reduction and less risk of damage. The key to the dispensing system is the clear dialogue between GPV 2.0 and the entire MCO 2.0 system, plus the Wi-Fi communication between the GPV 2.0 solenoid valve and the Easyview nozzle. Optimised integration down to the tiniest detail.


PIUSI Dongle 2.0 allows you to keep the progress of the entire garage constantly under control. Connect PIUSI Dongle 2.0 to a normal monitor for constant display of data from all the devices in the MCO 2.0 system. In real time and with absolute clarity, anyone can see whether a GPV 2.0 is currently dispensing and the associated fluid quantity.
You can also monitor the progress of the work agenda checking completed orders and pending consignments. Pick up on any late tasks immediately.
The MCO 2.0 system supports multiple PIUSI Dongle 2.0 devices.
You can use a large size monitor to display work tasks in a central area at your premises, with other smaller monitors installed in each work area to keep track of dispensing operations.