Marine Conditioner

Part number: XO1338M.
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Description Exocet Marine Fuel Conditioner is a multi-component, liquid fuel additive formulated to upgrade standard marine gas oil and diesel. Size 200ml up to 5 Litres Overview Exocet Marine Fuel Conditioner is particularly suited to address the issues caused by the changes made to Ireland’s gas oil specifi cation. Critically our product will:

  • Increase the fuel’s cetane number and therefore the combustion efficiency of the engine
  • Compensate for low sulphur fuel, which can lead to excessive wear in fuel pumps and injectors


  • Increase the fuels shelf life and inhibit fuel tank sludge formation
  • Promote fuel-water separation to prevent water carryover to engine
  • Prevent microbiological growth
  • Reduce particulate (visible) exhaust emissions
  • Promote a clean fuel system and inhibit injector fouling