Gas Oil Supreme

Part number: XO1249GO.

Product Description

Exocet Gas Oil Supreme is an advanced fuel additive
designed to benefit both mineral diesel and bio-diesel
blends. It is a gas oil (BS2869:A2) upgrade product
formulated to allow modern diesel engines calibrated
on EN590 DERV to run on gas oil. It prevents deposit
formation throughout the fuel delivery system,
especially in the injectors and fuel pump, to keep the
system clean and running at optimum performance. It
also compensates for some of the deleterious effects of
a higher FAME content e.g. tendency for water pick-up.
The product will additionally enhance the performance
of older vehicles.

Sizes; From 200ml up to 200 Litres


Exocet Gas Oil Supreme is added to fuel at the rate
of 1 litre of additive to 2,000 litres of fuel. The additive
will counter any negative effects resulting from the
introduction of the latest gas oil specifications, notably
the reduction in sulphur content and the increase in
the allowable FAME (bio-diesel) content and will avoid
increases in fuel consumption due to sticking injectors
and wear.

-Easier starting
-Increased pulling power
-Smoother power delivery
-Reduced visible emissions (smoke)
-Improved combustion efficiency
-Aligns with modern engine calibrations