Gas Oil Extra

Part number: XO1248GO.
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Gas Oil Extra

1 litre of Gas Oil Extra treats 3000 litres of fuel

  •  Compensates for the reduction in sulphur in green diesel
  •  Better pulling power
  •  Easier starting
  •  Smoother running
  •  Lower smoke, particle and nox emissions
  •  Reduces sludge and fuel tank contamination

Sizes;  From 200ml up to 1000 litres


The additive will counter any negative effects resulting
from the introduction of the latest gas oil specifi cations,
notably the reduction in sulphur content and the
increase in the allowable FAME (biodiesel) content.
Typical applications are agricultural and horticultural
machinery, construction equipment, airport vehicles
and fork lift trucks.
The product is formulated from recognised fuel
additive components and should not void an engine
manufacturer’s warranty. In fact, very many engine
manufacturers now recommend the use of upgrade
additives when red/green diesel is used.
Optimum results with Gas Oil Extra are enhanced by the
addition of Exocet Diesel Power Restorer to the vehicle
tank every 500 hours of operation