Exocet Power Restorer

Part number: XO1966D.
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Exocet Power Restorer

200ml treats 100 litres of diesel

  •  Breaks down and disperses hard laquers and internal diesel injector deposits
  •  Restores power that can be lost in modern diesel engines
  •  Works within one tank of fuel
  •  Potential fuel economy benefit
  • Use every 500 hours as a maintenance tool

Size 200ml up to 5 litres


Modern diesel engines use highly precise injection
technology to help deliver optimum driving performance
effi ciently and with reduced emissions. Over time,
deposits can build up in diesel fuel injection systems
– reducing engine power, especially in the presence if
biodiesel components. The deposits can be very thin
layers of lacquer or metal salts stuck tenaciously to
critical engine parts that restrict fuel fl ow. Symptoms of
such problems are:

  • Noticeable reduction in power
  • Engine misfires at idle
  • Power surges

The additive is used ‘online’ on a running engine and is
typically added as part of a routine service.
Ideal if used in conjunction with the regular use of
Exocet Gas Oil Extra