Diesel Supreme

Part number: XO1964D.
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Diesel Supreme

1 litre of Diesel supreme treats 2000 litres of fuel. Is most commonly used in vehicles that use road diesel

  •  Compensates for the reduction in sulphur in green diesel
  •  Better pulling power
  •  Easier starting
  •  Smoother running
  •  Lower smoke, particle and nox emissions
  •  Reduces sludge and fuel tank contamination

All Exocet products are available in a range of sizes to 1,000 litres

Size; 200ml up to 1000 litres


Exocet Diesel Supreme can be added either to bulk
storage or directly into the vehicle tank. It should be
used where consistent and optimal power delivery is
required; fuel economy needs to be optimised; diesel
knock and engine noise minimised; and emissions
reduction is sought.