Delphin Pro

Part number: F00100000.

The Piusi Delphin is the first professional system designed for garages and service stations to transfer AdBlue to new Euro VI passenger cars equipped with the SCR exhaust system. The Piusi Delphin Pro sets a new standard representing the ultimate solution for transferring AdBlue to passenger cars in the most safe, clean and efficient means possible


  • Equipped with a vapour collecting system that prevents exhaust gas in the workshop or car
  • Delphin Pro trolley can be modified to hold a 60 litre drum or 205 litre barrel
  • No risk of overfill due to a filling sensor that stops the flow automatically
  • Universal ISO connector that is compatible with all car filling caps
  • Specially developed self-cleaning sensor to avoid crystallization
  • Digital flow meter to check quantity dispensed
  • Adjustable pump flow rate 3-11 l/min
Flow Rate: 3-11 l/min
Power: 230v