Fuel Management System, Piusi Cube 70MC

Cube 70 MC

Part number: 00594.

Piusi 70 MC

Diesel Fuel Management System manufactured by PIUSI in Italy . Sturdy structure designed for different applications: can be fixed to walls, tanks and special pedestals. Self-priming vane pump fitted with bypass, installed on anti-vibration supports. Mechanical seal. Induction motor fitted with thermal motor overload protection.

Fitted with electronic control unit. Access is gained via user fobs or password and transactions are monitored using a software package for your computer.

You can look at some photos from fuel managment fit outs below;

  • Automatic cut off nozzle
  • 4 metre Delivery hose
  • Flow meter
  • 70 l/min pump
  • Enclosed cabinet
  • Up to 120 users
  • key fob / password access
  • Software package
Flow Rate: 70 ltr/min
Power: 230v

Sample Report

Sample report