Anti Bug Kill

Part number: XO1943XB.
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Anti Bug Kill

Anti Bug kill is used to tackle an immediate microbiological infestation. 1 litre of Anti Bug Kill treats 5,000 litres of fuel

  •  Eliminates blocking of filters and gauges
  •  Protects against tank and pipe corrosion
  •  Kills the the “diesel bug” contamination

Sizes; From 50ml up to 1000 litres


The first sign of microbiological contamination
(the ‘diesel bug’) is often continuous blocking of filters
with a slimy substance, which can range in colour from
black to light brown. Anti-Bug Kill and Exocet Anti-Bug
Protect can be dosed into fuel via either batch treatment
or as part of a continuous additive injection regime.
Exocet Anti-Bug Kill is used to tackle current and
immediate microbiological infestation. Exocet Anti-Bug
Protect is used to inhibit microbiological activity in clean
tanks. Both additives can be used in bulk fuel storage
or added directly into a vehicle or machine fuel tank.