Piusi have launched BSmart Fuel Economy add on module to their BSmart cloud based fuel
management system. This will allow existing and new users to monitor their fuel consumption,
manage driver and vehicle activity. With the BSmart Fuel Economy add on the customer now can manage the day to day running of their entire fleet.

The BSmart Fuel Economy add on allows you to manage and monitor fuel consumption of each vehicle by setting up vehicle parameters. This includes time restrictions on time limits certain drivers can fuel and each driver can be assigned vehicles that they have permission to fill. To get a complete view of the fleets fuel consumption the add on allows on road transactions to be added, this allows the manager to see deviations in the MPG to identify vehicle or driver issues.

Thanks to the smart design of the Fuel Economy add-on drivers can save time during refuelling and reduce the risk of human error by using QR codes. The QR code can be scanned from the vehicle when the driver opens the Bsmart app on their phone, this will save time by not having to enter vehicle fleet number & totally eliminate human error. The QR code is usually placed close to the tank on the vehicle.

Main features of BSmart Fuel Economy

  • Detailed reports on vehicle fuel consumption
  • Track behaviour of drivers, spot driver high fuel consumption
  • Add on road transactions to get an overall view of the fleet
  • QR codes can be fitted on vehicles to reduce fuelling time
  • Easy to add onto current systems
  • Set fuel consumption limits

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